POLITEIA by The Good Governance Initiative (GGI)

GGI stands out among other think-thanks and social policy institutes as an organization that features young and new faces in the field of good governance. GGI seeks to bring about an innovative concept of functioning such as the inclusion of the public (particularly Indonesia’s youth), academics and policymakers in one platform in which they can create meaningful dialogue in regards to how Indonesia can develop further through good governance. The GGI also would like to form a stronger relationship between the public and policymakers through the initiation of creative projects. POLITEIA is an output of GGI providing an online platform to connect these stakeholders.


Executive Board

Raafi Seiff: Founder, Good Governance Initiative, Co-Founder, POLITEIA & politeia.id

Raafi Seiff is the Founder of the Good Governance Initiative (GGI). A law student from the University of Indonesia, his articles on good governance, politics, and government reform can be found in the Jakarta Post as well as the Jakarta Globe. He previously served as Chairman of the Indonesian Forum of International and National Affairs (IFINA). His track-record has led him to interview and hold direct discussions with cabinet ministers, ambassadors, prominent academics and other public officials.


Mohammad Gibran: Deputy Director, Good Governance Initative

Mohammad Gibran is currently the Deputy Director for the Good Governance Initiative. He is in bachelors majoring International Relations and will soon be focusing on security studies at Bina Nusantara University in Jakarta. He had past experiences in conducting interviews to public officials and has always great interest in domestic politics and foreign affairs. Besides that, Gibran is passionate in photography and once serves as the head of photography in the Indonesian Forum of International National Affairs (IFINA).


Dioputra Ilham Oepangat: Managing Director and Co-Founder, POLITEIA & politeia.id

Dioputra Ilham Oepangat is the Managing Director and Co-Founder of POLITEIA. He is a law student at the University of Indonesia and was an avid mooter before becoming the Managing Director of POLITEIA, having participated in the 23rd Vis Moot and twice at the Harvard Model Congress Asia. He was awarded the Mahasiswa Berprestasi IPK Tertinggi Angkatan 2015 in 2016 (Highest GPA of the 2015 Cohort in 2016). He hopes that Indonesia’s youth would contribute to the promotion of good governance and hopes that this platform becomes the center of policy discussion. During his free time, he pretends to be Harvey Specter while walking around listening to Charles Bradley.


GGI & POLITEIA Board of Directors:

Chief Operating Officer:

Dani Thareq is the Chief Operating Officer (COO) for politeia.id. He is a student of Law at Universitas Indonesia. He is also an educator working for emNTWRK. His passion is all around education, business, politics, and law. Efficiency is one of his main concern, so does when he is eating. He is hoping for all Indonesian youth to be more critical and more politically savvy in facing ever developing world.

Creative and Public Relations Director:

Saraya Cita Asmarani is a Business Administration student at Universitas Indonesia whose passion is all around art and music, nonetheless politics and economy included. She participated in Global Competitiveness: ASEAN’s MSMEs at ASEAN Youth Conference 2016 in Singapore and came in second place on the Final Solution competition. She was also the first Head of Art and Culture of Student Executive Board (BEM) Faculty of Administrative Science. Taking part in politeia.id as Director of Public Relations, Cita focuses on marketing and publishing and has intense enthusiasm in introducing politeia.id to Indonesian youth. Willing to use creative and attractive ways to do so, she hopes it will spark our youth’s mind and heart to make better Indonesia hand in hand.

Finance Director:

Harry Rakhmat Maulana is in his bachelors degree majoring in Fiscal Administration at University of Indonesia. Prior to joining politeia.id as a Financial Manager in January 2017, Harry previously served as The Head of Internal Divison of Student Executive Board (BEM) and he was also member of tax study group known as TAXACTION. Psst... Wolverine is his personal sidekick and razorblade is his worst enemy.

Content Director:

Rizkina Aliya is the Content Director of politeia.id. She is a law student at Universitas Indonesia and will soon be focusing on community law and development. She is also currently a manager of discussions for the Indonesian Student Association for International Studies. A former student ambassador for the Kennedy-Lugar Youth Exchange and Study Program (YES), she is known for her participation as Press Director and Delegate at a number of international and national Model UNs. Her field of interest includes social, cultural, legal, and various international issues.

Corporate Secretary:

Josephine Petra Lovensa is the corporate secretary of the Good Governance Initiative (GGI).She is a law student at the University of Indonesia and was and still is involved in international relations issues since high school. She actively participates in Model United Nations Conferences, notably European Model United Nations in 2016 where she was awarded Verbal Commendation in ASEAN council.She believes that young people has the potential to contribute in the establishment of good governance and she hopes that GGI can be the platform for all stakeholder to channeling their voices.


GGI & POLITEIA Staff & Interns:

Public Relations:


Jessica Dame Emanuela  is a second year Business Administration student at Universitas Indonesia. Aside from being a student, she was also the Vice Head of Publication in Student Executive Board (BEM) of the Faculty of Administrative Science. Business, arts, and humanities has always been her area of interests. By being the Public Relations staff at politeia.id, she can do all of the things she are very keen on all at once—business, arts, and humanities—by contributing her skills in a company that aims to raise people’s living standards simply by making them a little bit smarter. P.S: She is wiser when she's broke. 


Nathania Imanina Matram is an intern in the PR division here, in politeia.id. She is currently studying at the Faculty of Economics and Business, Universitas Indonesia. Moreover, she enjoys Marketing Processes and has been in the business for her whole uni life; which includes being a PR person in Jazz Goes to Campus, Music Gallery, FEUI CUP, and Student Executive Board (BEM) events. This, to be exact, is her first experience being in a formalized business with her colleagues!